Tomb Raider Legend


Lara Croft is back to live new adventures


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Tomb Raider: Legend is the new release of Tomb Raider, one of the most famous games of the 90’s and 2000.

This time, Lara Croft comes back more renewed than ever and with a new aim: Find a reliquia in South America.

Tomb Raider: Legend shows us a lot of differences compared with the previous versions of the game, among others, the game has been translated into several languages, including voices and comments.

The graphical environment has been enhanced thanks to Crystal Dynamics and the character is even more real. Now, Lara Croft has new equipment, like a torch or a PDA which will become her new ally when searching the correct way and contacting her new friend.

- Minimun requirements:

Processor: 1,0GHz

RAM Memory: 256MB

Video: 64MB

This demo version includes the first level